Proposed solar farm on land near Langford – Public Consultation Event…

A public consultaiton event will be held at Plymtree Parish Hall, Plymtree, Devon, EX15 2LE on 16th July 2019 from 2pm – 7pm at which information wll be displayed relating to the proposed development. Members of the project will be on hand to discuss the proposals and answer questions. There will be an opportunity for feedback to be given allowing for all parties to actively engage, comment and shape the evolution of this project.Pegasus Group, on behalf of JBM Solar Projects.

4 Comments on “Proposed solar farm on land near Langford – Public Consultation Event…

  1. I am aware that there is a Parish Council meeting tonight at Clyst Hydon village hall, and the Solar Panel farm is on the agenda. I live in Langford and was hoping to attend but unfortunately cannot now. I want to mention that I and many others are objecting to the solar farm. My reasons are that the solar panels themselves are highly toxic and a health hazard to make, toxic to live near for humans and wildlife, inefficient at taking energy from the sun and at present there are no known ways to safely dispose of them, or recycle them after their life-span or usefulness. Therefore the push for solar panels as our ‘green’ and sustainable energy requirements is not from eco-friendly ‘green’ environmentally friendly points of view, they are almost the exact opposite. My question: How on earth has this non-environmentally, not very sustainable energy found its way to invade and destroy our beautiful green and pleasant land?

  2. Hi

    I would be interested in the GIS outline polygon of the soalr farm. Or at least an image of the map. I would like to create a 3d render of the Solar Farm. As I think it will show more readily the low visual impact better. Would then show to Plymtree Parish council.

    I came to the event at Plymtree Hall and I am in favour of the application. We need power.

    1. Dear Nick, the solar farm may have a low visual impact for you but then you live in Plymtree.
      For some of us it will be very visual and cause a business established over 15 years to close down because of construction noise and the close proximity to the business. I wonder if you would feel the same if it was placed around where you actually lived and devalued your property and caused noise for 6 months plus!!

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