Coronavirus : staying safe and well in Clyst Hydon Parish.

If you are a High-risk person (this includes older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease; diabetes; lung disease. Please:
• Stay home as much as possible.
• Consider ways of getting food, medicines, and other essential items brought to your house through family, social, or commercial networks
• Follow NHS advice.
Put a plan in place
If you have to self-isolate, how will you manage? Many people will have help from friends, neighbours and relatives but if you don’t, or need assistance on anything, please contact us at the Parish Council on 01884 277471 or 01404 822995 for support.

Be a good neighbour!
Check on vulnerable people who live near you and offer to help support them while they are self-isolating. Do they need shopping delivered, or prescriptions collected, maybe post a letter or just simply to talk?

We are appealing for people who can offer a little time to support vulnerable residents.

If you can help, or for more information, please contact
Chris or David at: Clyst Hydon Parish Council;
01884 277471 or 01404 8229950

With the recommendation to self-isolate for vulnerable and over 70’s, Clyst Hydon will have our fair share of people affected and we intend (as I am sure you all will), to support everyone to the full.

Thanks. Clyst Hydon Parish Council

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